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Why São Paulo?

São Paulo is a metropolis multifaceted. While that is the most important economic center of Brazil , it is the capital of culture in Latin America, with an offer of leisure , knowledge and entertainment unique. A typical metropolis urban , covered with a wide green area.

A city avant-garde and innovative , which preserves the architecture , in the arts and gastronomy a past made up of the union of more than 70 nationalities. And at the same time preserving traditions, does not let pass. Tune is the right word to describe it. To know her better you need only two things: open mind and willingness to dive straight in this city that never sleeps.



The city of São Paulo counts on three airports for commercial flights, besides Campo de Marte, in the North Side, for private executive flights and civil and military police operations.

International Airport of São Paulo/Guarulhos Governador André Franco Montoro/Cumbica

It is the busiest airport in South America. It is located 25 kilometers from Downtown São Paulo.
An executive bus line connects it to São Paulo Airport/ Congonhas, Downtown and Paulista Avenue.
Address: Rodovia Helio Smidt, s/nº – Guarulhos – São Paulo
Tel.: (+55 11) 2445 2945.

São Paulo Airport / Congonhas

It is only 8 kilometers away from Downtown São Paulo.
An executive bus line connects it to the São Paulo / Guarulhos International Airport Governador André Franco Montoro / Cumbica.
Address: Avenida Washington Luís, s/nº – Vila Congonhas – Zona Sul – São Paulo.
Tel.: (+55 11) 5090 9000


Taxi is the most convenient way to access Sao Paulo’s airports. All of them are also easily accessed by bus lines, or by a combination of a subway and bus ride.The nearest subway station to Congonhas Airport is São Judas (line 1 – blue). From this station, take the bus line 675I – Terminal João Dias.

From the Airport to the subway, take the bus named Metro São Judas.

Click here for more information on the SPTrans bus lines.

For Guarulhos Airport, there is a suburban bus line departing from the Tatuapé subway station (line 3 – red). From the station to take the bus line 257 – Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo (Guarulhos).

From the airport to the station, take the Metrô Tatuapé (São Paulo) bus. There is also an executive bus line, the Airport Bus Service, which links Sao Paulo International Airport to Congonhas Airport and downtown São Paulo. Learn more in here.


Brazilian official currency is Real (BRL or R$), with its subdivisions in centavos.There are R$ 0,05 coins (cinco centavos), R$ 0,10 coins (dez centavos), R$ 0,25 coins (vinte e cinco centavos), R$ 0,50 coins (cinquenta centavos) and R$ 1 coins (um real); and also R$ 2 (dois reais), R$ 5 bills (cinco reais), R$ 10 bills (dez reais), R$ 20 bills (vinte reais), R$ 50 bills (cinquenta reais) and R$ 100 bills (cem reais).


São Paulo is indeed the capital of diversity. That includes the weather. Every single season of the year can be experienced in just one day. The city may awake sunny and cloudless and end up with heavy rain. These days are more common during summer, when rain usually falls at the end of the afternoon, relieving the heat. At autumn, the temperature is mild, about 23ºC. The winter usually has sunny and dry days, with temperatures rarely dropping below 15º C. At spring, days are very warm and dry.The climate is high-altitude tropical, characterized by summer rains and the annual average temperature ranges from 19º C to 27º C. Due to the city’s dimension and its geography full of reliefs, there may be variations between one neighborhood and the other. The tip is: have always on your bag a tank top, a coat and an umbrella! Besides something colorful to celebrate spring in some of our beautiful parks.


“I’m not driven, I drive”. This is São Paulo’s motto, stamped in our shield. And it is absolutely related to the capital’s lifestyle!São Paulo is modern, creative and a trend maker. Only a tuned in city like ours can host manifestations of style, like São Paulo Fashion Week, Casa Cor and the Gay Pride Parade LGBT. São Paulo is cosmopolitan, open-minded and hosts respectfully every tribe!Traditional, confortable, neat, hippie… It doesn’t matter… From Oscar Freire to Brás, feel free to build your own style.


Brazil relates diplomatically to all members of the United Nations. However, due to variety of bilateral agreements, the Brazilian government demands an entrance visa for some specific nationalities.The worldwide Visa Regimes for Foreigns in Brazil requirements specifies who needs and who is granted a visa to enter Brazil. These requirements are available in here.In case you are required to have a visa, get in contact with the Brazilian consulate where the visa will be requested to obtain information about documentation and procedures for the concessions of permission for entrance on the country.Now, the foreign consulates in Brazil are responsible, mainly, for the assistance of citizens from their origin countries that are in Brazilian territory. They mission is to protect citizens in their grounds, respecting the international running treaties and the local legislation of the country.Several nations have a consulate in São Paulo. In order to know which countries have representatives in the city, consult the addresses and contacts at this portal.

Check out also the Ministery of Foreign Relations website


Police Fire Department – 193
International Dialing Information – 0800 777 1515
Police – 190
Ambulance (SAMU) – 192
Health Surveillance – 150


Check here a list of free apps for smartphones e tablets that may make your stay at the metropolis easier:

It looks for hotels, restaurants and attractions in the user’s selected region, comparing prices.

Guia Mais Turismo
Through this device of geographic localization, museums, touristic and historic sights, lodging, food and stores are available.

Accessible Tourism
This app lists establishments of accommodation, food and cultural and touristic attractions for disabled people, with visual deficiencies, hearing imparity, physically disability and those with reduced mobility.

Restorando, Grubster
The apps help the user to find good restaurants and bars in the city.

Catraca Livre
It shows several cultural, leisure and well-being activities for free or at a low cost.

It allows the user to consult times of arrival and departure of flights of 50 Brazilian airports.

99 Taxis, Easy Taxi
Apps that seek the nearest taxi stops, providing addresses and telephones to users.

shows routes, makes bus times available and informs the location of vehicles, delays and even overcrowdings.

In all metropolitan transportation companies it is possible to learn the status of the subway and train lines live.

BikeSampa, CicloSampa
Through these apps, users of the bicycle renting system BikeSampa and CicloSampa may use its services besides consulting information and availability.

Google Tradutor
It facilitates the communication in 90 languages, including words or dictionary expressions.

UOL Cotações
Daily Currency convertor for dollar and currencies from 80 countries.

Free WiFi
FinderFind immediately free WiFi spots near your location. Updated daily, it also works offline.


São Paulo has Police Stations specialized in Tourism Services:
Divisão Policial de Portos, Aeroportos, Atendimento ao Turista e Proteção a Dignitários:
Rua São Bento, 380 – 5th floor – Downtown – Phone: (+55 11) 3107 5642 or (+55 11) 3107 8332.
1º Delegacia Especializada de Polícia de Atendimento ao Turista/DEATUR:
Rua da Cantareira, 390 – Downtown – Phone: (+55 11) 3120 4417.


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